Posted by: Mary Crocco | April 11, 2011

Introduction . . .

Through these years…

1975; I was young, restless and longed to experience life beyond Long Island, New York. I was twenty-one years old, married with two sons. I lived in a three bedroom ranch built with thick cedar siding in the suburbs. My husband and I chose Arizona as our destination. I couldn’t wait for my independence.

1977; we moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We bought a three bedroom ranch built with desert stucco. We lived ten minutes from the lake, and bought a boat the first weekend. The four of us enjoyed Lake Havasu on the weekends. During the week, I drove my sons in our 4-wheel drive truck right onto Mud Shark Beach.  Lake Havasu City lived up to our expectations.

1980; If I could offer anyone marriage advice, it would be, don’t buy your husband a guitar.  He loved his Christmas gift and showed off for his co-workers. Women loved it. We divorced in two years.

1980; in a clouded vision, I made a bad decision to move back to Long Island. Our friend, Bob, offered to drive us across country in my Jeep. It was safer to travel with a reliable man. He was good to my sons and we opened our hearts and home to him.

1981; I missed the Great Southwest and my independence.  We moved back to Arizona and chose Phoenix as our destination. We bought a two bedroom ranch and turned it into three bedrooms. I worked menial jobs before I started my own home cleaning service, Clean as a Whistle.

1985; I married Bob.

1988; I gave birth to my third son.

1993; I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. I substitute taught for two years before I secured a full time position. I taught fourth and fifth grade for three years.

1997; I divorced Bob.

I forced myself to evaluate my finances.  A friend told me about Nevada’s Public Employees Retirement System. I researched the plan and decided it would be best to move to Nevada. I secured a job in Las Vegas via phone.

1998; I anticipated a bright future as a single mom with a good job and good health. I didn’t buy a three bedroom ranch, instead I bought an 844 square foot townhome easy to maintain. My son started fifth grade happy and healthy. My twenty-three year old son surprised us and moved from Phoenix to Las Vegas. He got a job and moved into his own apartment. We settled in to our new life.

I acted like a typical tourist, drawn to the lights and excitement on the Las Vegas strip. I sought live music with the excitement of my first David Bowie concert.  I taught school during the week and in my spare time on weekends, I walked the strip and listened to bands.  The House of Blues promoted unknown bands during the week and hosted popular bands on weekends; when possible, I was a regular patron.

I joined the Las Vegas Athletic Club. I worked out and added kick boxing and boot camp to my regimen. I felt great.

1999; my son’s girlfriend urged me to join the internet dating rage.  It didn’t take long before I shared my passion for music with dates. I met a musician who played a mean trombone! He took me on his gigs and I experienced Vegas from a musician’s point of view for a year and a half.

2001; I continued to date and met other men who shared my interest in live music. I was involved in a relationship with a promised future.  He moved in with us and we enjoyed the family unit.  Life was good!

August 27, 2001; I received a phone call while I loaded my dishwasher. My oldest son died. He lived in Phoenix, he was 29 years old. Life as I knew it stopped, it just stopped. I felt like I drove my pick-up truck into a cement wall going 100 mph.

September 2001; my boyfriend failed to mention he was on medication since the day I met him. I threw him out.  I couldn’t live with a dishonest man.

I worked every day in a hypnotic state. I took care of business and stayed strong for my sons.  I was depressed, but denial was how I coped. I changed schools and I don’t remember the move.

August 2002; I earned my Master of Arts in Education.

October 2002; I scheduled an annual appointment with my gynecologist.

October 2003; I scheduled an annual appointment with a new gynecologist.

October 2003; I scheduled my first appointment with a Primary doctor.

November 2003; I scheduled my first appointment with an oncologist.

… A silent, slow-growing cancer lay dormant in my body.

From here, my life took an unexpected turn, from which I can never return….



  1. I’ve always admired your strength and determination from a distance, when I was faced with the prospect of being a single mother, I looked towards you.. You raised 3 very strong and lovely men. You should be very proud. I am very lucky to know Richie and Bobby, as cousins, family and the people they have grown into under your mothering. I am very sorry you are going through this, but like always, you are being strong.. this blog is great, I hope you continue. I also am blogging about my own journey being in a new country, searching for my biological mother, I find its a great release and therapy. I hope maybe we can start a relationship as aunt and niece.. since I am now an adult, married, living abroad with a 3 yr old son, removed from the people who raised me.. all my support, and love.. Isabella Kimpton formerly Gregory.

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