Posted by: Mary Crocco | July 13, 2011

“I know, I can’t believe it, it’s packed like Fort Knox!”


I am staring at my Gleevec pills when Bob gets home from skateboarding.

“Hey mom, is that the Gleevec in the box? How much is in there anyway?” he asks shocked at the size of the box.

“I know, I can’t believe it, it’s packed like Fort Knox!”

“Are you gonna take it tonight?”

“That’s what I’m thinking about. I think since its Thursday, I’ll start tomorrow. This way if I have a bad reaction; at least I have the weekend to deal with it.”

“Okay mom, are you scared?”

“Yeah, I really am Bob, I really am.”

Bob gives me a big hug. “It’ll be okay mom.”

I realize I can’t be scared because I don’t want Bob to be scared. So I start making dinner.  The phone rings.

“Hi Rich, yeah, the Gleevec’s on the counter. I’m going to start taking it tomorrow. So, I’ll make dinner and start right after we eat.  I have to eat a full meal with them.”

“Okay mom, I’ll be over after work.”

“Okay Rich, see you tomorrow.”

“Are you okay mom?”

“Of course, I’m okay. It’ll be weird tomorrow, but I’m fine.”

“Okay, is Bob home?”

“Yeah, do you want to talk to him? Okay, Bob… Rich wants to talk to you.”

I give Bob the phone and I go into the bathroom. I stare at myself in the mirror. I cry a little, and tell myself to stop. I wash my face with cold water and walk to the kitchen to start dinner. I pass Bob’s room and listen to him on the phone. He sounds so mature at 15. He is being so good, so supportive. I think what other 15 year old son would be so caring? He has been through so much in his 15 years. His poor excuse for a father abandons him at age nine. Then he loses his big brother at 13. His father pops back into his life and abandons him for a second time at age 14. Now he is 15 and his mother gets leukemia. How could he come through these losses and disappointments so well? I am so proud of him. I have to stay strong for him.


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