Posted by: Mary Crocco | October 6, 2012

I had the best time with my family!

October 5, 2012

Last month I was a few days early, this month a few days late! Okay, so what happened in the month of September? Let’s see . . .

I had a quiet month until the last week of Sept. This is never a good thing, but such is life!

I had blood work on the 24th and a doctor visit for results on the 27th. This was with my rheumatologist. The results were good; the new drug has not affected my liver, so I am able to continue taking it. 🙂

My hands were so cramped, and my hip/back hurt, so the doctor wanted to give me a shot. But I said no because my family was coming the next day and sometimes the shot doesn’t kick in until a couple of days later. I didn’t want to take a chance of having sore hands and miss playing with my grandson. She said I could come in anytime for shots.

But, it’s getting closer to my ENT visit, (Nov.7th) and I’m fully expecting my ear to be healed. I recently heard about custom made ear plugs, so I made an appointment with the audiologist at my ENT’s office, for the same day, to be fitted for these.  Then I can get back to the pool and I won’t need shots! :):):)Image

My son, Bob, had his CD release party on the 28th. My son, Rich, his wife, Cherie, and my 15 month old grandson, Alex, flew from Reno to attend the party for Bob. It was wonderful! I’m so proud of my son for accomplishing what he did in such a short amount of time. He loves playing music! The show was from 8:00- 1:00 AM, with my son performing at midnight. We all knew I couldn’t attend the entire show, and neither could my grandson, so Rich went with Bob all night, and Cherie, Alex, and I went at midnight. It was perfect! Before the show Cherie, Alex, and I went shopping. Alex was so good and he enjoyed the show too!!!!

Of course, I had the best time with my family here. It was worth the suffering afterwards! I had a terrible thigh cramp in the middle of the night on Sunday, the 30th, after my family was gone. That’s the living with CML, Gleevec side effect. After I do a lot of cooking and just physical stuff, I usually get the cramps worse than normal daily cramps, so I expected it. But man, did it hurt, almost to the passing out point again. Those are the worst.

So that was September!

I have blood work to do for my oncologist appointment on Oct. 15th.  I’m hoping for a perfect CML report like I had at my last visit, six months ago.

I need to rest up, as I’m going to visit my mother in New York, from the 20th – 27th. I don’t look forward to two flights going and two flights returning, but I’ll prepare as best I can.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I appreciate it. I would love to receive any comments, so please feel free!



  1. I’m so happy for you Mary – you deserve it!

    • Thanks for being my loyal reader Ginger! 🙂

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