Posted by: Mary Crocco | May 30, 2013

On the Mend

blog 4

June 1, 2013

My visit to the gastroenterologist went great! Biopsies showed no cancer! I was given a prescription for gastroesophageal reflux disease and will follow-up in 12 weeks to review the response to the intervention and to schedule another endoscopy.

My esophagus was very inflamed, which accounted for all my stomach problems. So I’m on the mend! I asked how long before I start to feel better and I loved the answer; about a week.

I missed my son’s graduation in Reno. I had hopes I could have been diagnosed and treated at the first gastroenterologist visit, therefore able to attend, but that didn’t happen, however, I feel confident I won’t miss my grandson’s 2nd birthday celebration at the end of June!

The first week of May began with a visit to my ophthalmologist. He prescribed an aggressive treatment for my chronic dry eye. I re-visited three weeks later and he was happy with the results of his prescribed three week treatment as much as I was. It’s a plan for the rest of my life – drops once an hour all day, every day. It works – the end.

During the month my perforated eardrum started giving me trouble. It felt clogged and became progressively worse every day. I kept thinking it would go away, certainly hoping it would. Unfortunately, I had to make an appointment and see my ENT doctor. He removed a lot of dead skin that accumulated in my ear canal. He said, since it isn’t healing, and probably will not, and I’ve chosen not to have surgery, to visit him every six months to remove any accumulation. Fine, at least it feels better.

There will be NO more surgeries for my eye or ear!

I’ve canceled my dental cleaning twice, looks like I can keep my May 31st appointment.

So I was wrong in my self-diagnosis that the flu shot was the reason for my stomach problems. So much of the diagnosis makes sense to me now. It seems what most likely caused my gastroesophageal reflux disease was medication. Living with CML I take Gleevec, an oral chemotherapy pill daily; I also must take an aspirin with it. Between my chemo drug and anti-inflammatory drug, which I take only when needed, they apparently did a number on my esophagus. Knowing what was wrong and being treated for it with a good prognosis is a great feeling.

I’m going to give my treatment a week, and then I’ll be hitting the therapy pool! My goal has always been to alleviate the anti-inflammatory meds all together. The pool helps so much, and once again I have hopes nothing will stand in my way of exercising daily in the therapeutic warm water.

I finished writing the first draft of my first book! Super stoked! (As my musician son would say) Of course the editing and revising is a very long process, but I feel productive getting the draft done.
One of the things I’ve figured out from my reading and book reviewing is I’m not writing a historical novel as I first thought. The genre is contemporary cultural. It’s a new genre and I think it fits.

So I’m back on track! As of this moment, I have NO doctor visits scheduled in June. I hope with all my heart it stays that way.

Along with my son’s graduation, I missed a friend’s book launch party and a couple of other events in May. There’s a CML Conference on June 8th that I registered for months ago. I am planning to attend as I’m holding my doctor to his words; to feel better in about a week.

Rich earned his MSF at UNR. Bobby attended and I’m NOT canceling my trip to Alex’s 2nd birthday party!

B2N will feel so good!

Thanks for reading!


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