Posted by: Mary Crocco | March 16, 2014

Damn stomach issues.


Knee surgery on January 28th was unexpected. It’s the reason I wasn’t able to write a blog post in February or the beginning of March. I met a guy at the therapy pool in January who told me about his knee surgery, so I called his doctor and got in sooner than the appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. Within two weeks, I had the surgery, with physical therapy starting the day after.

It’s been rough, I won’t lie, and as of today, my knee is challenging. I’ve had to have a custom fit brace made after the temporary brace used for six weeks. This new one is for long term. The theory is it will prolong a total knee replacement.

Since this post is about living with CML, I won’t bore you any longer with details concerning my knee.

My previous stomach issues have resurfaced. Gleevec, my oral chemo drug, must be the culprit. Without long term data, my oncologist, along with my other doctors, can only assume. All I can do is live with it, the best I can.

I had been fine for a while, so when the nausea started again, it threw me for a loop. It’s back to a few hours of misery every day.

I’m trying to deal with it while going to P/T once a week, and doing the exercises myself at home. I started walking in the therapy pool again, but only for an hour vs. my usual two. I hadn’t been to the pool since the end of October, so I couldn’t wait. It was wonderful! I was sore the first night, but better the second time. I’ve only managed going twice because of my stomach. Hoping this will end soon.

My two year old grandson, Alex, visited me for five days in February. My son planned an anniversary trip back in October, and I didn’t want to disappoint. Alex came to P/T with me, and we had a great time together. I was in a knee brace, so it was okay.

All in all, it’s been rough, but it could be worse. I have lab work on the 25th and an oncologist appointment on April 8th. Crossing my fingers there are no surprises in my blood work.

My knee is starting to hurt from sitting here typing, so I’ll sign off.

Thank you to my readers. I appreciate you. 🙂




  1. So sorry things have been so hard for you. Nausea is awful. I live with pain and I can handle that, but nausea throws me down straight away.I don;t know how you can carry on with your daily life through it. I’d just lay on the setee all day whimpering. You’re very brave and it’s wonderful you’re managing to still live, see your grandson, work with the physio and just get on with it. I truly admire you

    • Thank you for such kind words! I’m sorry you are living with pain. 😦
      There are days I can’t believe I get things done at all, but what can we do but try, right?
      I’m still working on publishing my first novel! Luckily, my writing coach hasn’t given up on me.
      I’ve canceled more things than I’ve done, but as long as I have something on the done list, I’m happy.
      Thanks again for reading my blog, and taking the time to tweet and comment.
      I’m routing for your pain to lessen. 🙂

  2. You are so strong Mary. I’m here if you need me. Always.

    • You’re the best, Janet. Xxoo

  3. Followed & on my blog roll!

    • Thank you, cwbybrick! I’ll follow your blog and Tweets. 🙂

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